Apr 13, 2017

Tangled Up In Birds

One day when I was drawing at the Museum of Natural History, there were many students from Pratt scattered about drawing too. They were making large format drawings on paper taped to big masonite boards. It inspired me to do the same. So I bought some large sheets of paper and stained them. This is the first drawing I did live at the museum. They birds were not obviously in these positions. I used my imagination and drawing ingenuity to accomplish this piece. It's 24" X 22". It was so big I had to scan it in 4 sections and then retouch them all together. No easy feat. That was harder than doing the drawing. I have more sheets of paper ready for me to try again. Just have to find the time.


Jim Serrett said...

Very creative piece.

Diane Ward said...

Often a digital camera and tripod can do what is difficult for a scanner.